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Who we are

Who We Are

Agusto & Co. is  the foremost Pan African rating agency and a leading provider of industry research. Incorporated on 13 January 1992, Agusto & Co is a wholly owned Nigerian company. In 2001, Agusto & Co became the first Credit Rating Agency to be licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission, Nigeria. In 2013, the Company was approved and duly registered by the Capital Markets Authority, Kenya and Rwanda  as a Credit Rating Agency.

The Company's accounting date is 31 December and is audited by ABAX – OOSA . Our Lawyers are Messrs Olajide Oyewole & Co. We currently offer our services under the following business lines: 

Credit Ratings - Research - Credit Risk Management 

Credit Ratings

Agusto & Co's Credit Ratings are accepted globally, and a wide client base utilise our reports as a benchmark for business. In performing its credit rating function, Agusto & Co relies on a database of information that it has built since 1992. Our ratings encompass financial institutions, corporates, funds, asset managers, health management organizations, as well as corporate and municipal debt issues. 

As Nigeria's pioneer credit rating agency, Agusto & Co introduced credit ratings into Nigeria at a time when the concept of credit ratings was relatively unknown in the country and even in sub Saharan Africa. Our milestones are numerous and include:

We annually assign risk ratings to financial institutions and corporates that solicit rating. The timing is determined by the year end of the particular company. After obtaining the companies' consent we publish the ratings on our website, in the newspapers and circulate to our subscribers. The rating is monitored and can be revised upwards on downwards depending on changes that occur in the company during the validity of the rating. 

  1. First Credit Rating Agency to be registered by the Securities & Exchange Commission.
  2. First credit rating agency in Nigeria to assign ratings to banks, discount houses and insurance companies.
  3. First rating agency to assign ratings to companies on the Nigerian stock exchange.
  4. First rating agency to assign ratings to municipal bonds.

Industry Research

Agusto & Co carries out in-depth research on key sectors of the economy and regularly publishes reports on these sectors. We also provide client specific research on various sectors of the economy. 

The only company in Nigeria to periodically provide in-depth reports on up to 40 sectors of the economy, including;

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Oil & Gas ( upstream & downstream)
  • Textiles
  • Breweries
  • Cement
  • Telecommunication
  • Spare parts
  • Construction
  • Personal care
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Rice
  • Sugar
  • Hotels
  • Soft drinks
  • Real estate
  • Aviation
  • Asset management

Credit Risk Management

Credit risk management services entail a number of products and solutions to assist Banks and other credit institutions to effectively manage credit and financial risk.

We assist banks in reviewing their loan portfolios We also conduct a comprehensive review of the banks Credit process 

Our flagship product, the Credit Risk Model Application © (CRMA), is an automated risk rating software, which makes use of our proprietary rating models for obligors, facilities and industries/sectors.

Target Market Studies

For new companies and existing companies, we carry out studies based on their target market focus to help them better understand the various markets and also advise on desirable entry strategies. We also support them with information from our existing database. 


In order to help banks and companies improve their knowledge about their business and improve their competitive position, we encourage them to form benchmarking clubs while we help them collate and share the information. 


We assist financial institutions during their strategy & management sessions to review their performance and financial focus. During the sessions we also review the performance of the economy, politics as well as key industries in Nigeria. And also help in their projections and goal setting

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