ARM Investment Managers Limited


Agusto & Co assigns an Investment Manager rating of “AA-(IM) to ARM Investment Managers Limited. The rating expires 31 December 2017


Agusto & Co has affirmed the “AA-(IM)” rating assigned to ARM Investment Managers Limited (‘ARM IM’ or “the Manager”).

The rating of ARM IM is upheld by the Manager’s track record, conservative approach to investment, access to intellectual equity within the ARM group, good operational risk management and stable & experienced management team.

The Manager has a well-established process in place for generating good quality and timely research output, which feeds directly into the decision making process. ARM IM’s operational risk management is also well structured and supported by regular audit exercises.


Notes to release

An INVESTMENT MANAGER rating of “AA(IM)” indicates an investment management company considered to have VERY GOOD investment and risk management capabilities


The scope of the rating is limited to the investment and risk management functions of ARM Investment Managers Limited.

The opinions expressed in this rating release do not represent investment or other advice and should therefore not be construed as such. Visit for further information

This rating release is transmitted to you for the sole purpose of dissemination through your newspaper/magazine/agency. The rating release may be used by you in full or in part without changing the meaning or context thereof but with due credit given to Agusto & Co.



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