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Renewable energy presents significant potential for investments in Nigeria as the country is endowed with natural resources which can be harnessed to generate alternative energy. Nigeria’s power generation capacity ranges between 3,500MW and 4,500MW daily. This is a far cry from an estimated electricity demand of over 20,000MW, implying that Nigeria generates only about 23% of her requirements. The major factors responsible for electricity shortages is years of underinvestment and a failure to develop a diversified energy mix. Approximately 78% of energy produced in Nigeria is generated from gas fired plants while hydropower accounts for 22%.

The Nigerian Renewable Energy Industry Report includes:

  • An overview of the Nigerian Renewable Energy Industry with focus on solar power, hydropower and biomass
  • Recent milestones achieved by the Industry
  • Challenges in the expansion of Renewable Energy in Nigeria
  • The Industry’s regulatory framework, including challenges and upcoming regulations
  • SWOT analysis on the Industry
  • The competitive landscape and basis for competition

Our Renewable Energy Industry Report answers questions such as:

  • What is the market size of the Renewable Energy Industry in Nigeria?
  • What are the hindrances to the development of the Industry?
  • What regulatory policies can be used to spur growth in the Industry?
  • Who are the existing players and upcoming players in the market?
  • What is the outlook for the Renewable Energy Industry?  Will this Industry do better or worse in the near term?

Why buy this report?

  • The report compares global trends in the Renewable energy market to the Nigerian market
  • Provides the current structure of the Nigerian Renewable energy market and our expectations in the near term
  • The report highlights the most recent developments in the Nigerian Renewable Energy Industry
  • The report provides an understanding of the risks involved in the Industry



  • The Global Renewable Energy Market
  • Review of the Nigerian Renewable Energy Market
  • SWOT Analysis on the Renewable Energy Market
  • Competition Analysis
  • Regulatory Environment and Policy Framework
  • Key Players in the Nigeria Market
  • Key Challenges & Risks
  • Industry Economics


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