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Overview of the Report

Agusto & Co.’s Nigerian Banking Industry Report is the most comprehensive and up to date report on the banking industry in Nigeria, providing an in-depth review of the Industry’s operations with particular focus on asset quality, capitalisation, liquidity and profitability. Our assessment of the financial condition of the Industry is based on figures and information published in the approved financial statements of eighteen (18) commercial banks and four (4) merchant banks. These banks collectively accounted for about 93% of the Industry’s total assets as at 31 December 2016.

The report captures trends and opportunities in the banking industry and how these affect performance in the short to medium term. We have analysed the regulatory/supervisory environment and assessed the impact on the Industry’s overall performance in 2016 and our expectations in the near term. Furthermore, our report provides five years financial information on the Industry (2014-2018f).   

Our banking industry report answers questions such as:

  • What is the size of the banking industry in Nigeria?
  • How is the Nigerian banking Industry affected by the recession?
  • Have there been regulatory changes in the past 12 months?
  • What are the implications of recent regulatory changes for banks?
  • What are the opportunities available to banks to increase market share?
  • What factors threaten the Industry’s performance in the near term?
  • What is the outlook for the banking Industry in the near term?
  • What are the drivers of the outlook?

Benefits of the Report                                                    

Agusto & Co’s 2017 banking industry report:                                      

  • Provides an overview of the Nigerian business environment in the last 18 months and its impact on the banking Industry
  • Analyses the market share of all the banks using different indicators.
  • Ranks each bank across key parameters on asset quality, profitability, capitalisation and liquidity
  • Tracks key regulations, Industry trends and opportunities
  • Provides an assessment of the changing dynamics in the Industry’s payment systems
  • Provides 5 years financial information on the Industry (2014-2018f)






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