Credit Ratings

Nigeria’s First credit Rating Agency

Agusto & Co is Nigeria’s first Credit Rating Agency and a Pan African leader in credit ratings and credit reports. Agusto & Co Ltd has assigned well over 3,000 ratings across various sectors. Our ratings are globally accepted, and a wide client base utilizes our ratings as benchmark for business.

In performing the credit rating function, Agusto & Co relies on a database of information that it has built since 1992. Our ratings encompass financial institutions, corporates, funds, asset managers, health management organizations, as well as corporate and municipal debt issues.

At Agusto & Co, our focus is to assign ratings that are transparent and independent for the sustainable growth of the financial market and the economy.

Our milestones include:

  1. First credit rating agency to be registered by the Securities & Exchange Commission, Nigeria.
  2. First credit rating agency in Nigeria to assign ratings to banks, discount houses and insurance companies.
  3. First rating agency to assign ratings to companies on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Since inception, Agusto & Co has assigned over 3,000 ratings. Our Ratings cover:

Click the link below to see a list of current ratings.

Finance & Leasing

C&I Leasing Plc ₦10 billion 7-year Series II Bond Bbb+ Jun 03 , 2022 Stable Nigeria
C&I Leasing Plc ₦7 billion 5-year Series I Bond A- Jun 11 , 2022 Stable Nigeria
C&I Leasing Plc Bbb- Jun 30 , 2022 Stable Nigeria
Credit Direct Limited Bbb Jun 30 , 2022 Stable Nigeria
Citihomes Finance Company Limited SR3 Jul 05 , 2022 N/A Nigeria


Axxela Limited A- Jun 30 , 2022 Stable Nigeria
Kawai Technologies Limited Bb Jun 30 , 2022 Neutral Nigeria

Corporate Bonds

Axxela Funding 1 Plc’s Series 1 Bond A- May 31 , 2022 Stable Nigeria
Viathan Funding Plc.’s ₦10 billion 10-year Series 1 Senior Guaranteed Fixed Rate Bond Due 2027 Aaa Dec 31 , 2027 Stable Nigeria
NSP-SPV PowerCorp Plc’s ₦10 Billion 15-year Series 1 Aaa Dec 31 , 2033 Stable Nigeria