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An objective assessment of the financial condition of an obligor and its ability to meet obligations as and when due

  • As an Entity (Obligor)
    • Independent and internationally recognised way of communicating the financial strength of a company to lenders and the public
    • A rating enhances the ability of a company to access the local currency money and capital markets
    • A way of getting “Consulting Advice” as it provides a company’s management with an independent opinion on the organisation and its operations
  • As Investors & Lenders
    • Provides an independent credit evaluation
    • Provides independent information to treasurers, credit risk managers or other persons who have responsibility for setting risk acceptance criteria
    • Provides a common language for debt markets and a basis to compare securities with similar credit risks
    • The rating and accompanying analysis help in disseminating information and imparting transparency to all, including less sophisticated investors
  • A Financial System
    • Fosters the development of the capital and money markets.
    • Increases transparency
    • Broadens the investor base and the range of borrowers.
    • Promotes merit based access to funding
    • Complements the role of regulatory authorities
  • A Rating is not a recommendation to purchase, sell or hold a financial obligation and is not a measure of asset value.
  • A Rating is not an equity opinion and therefore does not assess the ability of a company to create value for its shareholders.
  • A Rating is not an audit. It is merely an objective assessment based on a predefined methodology.
  • Ratings can only be provided when there is adequate information available to form a credible opinion, and after applicable quantitative and qualitative analyses are performed.
  • Rating opinions are conveyed in a simple scale, for easy reference and comparability.
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