We offer career growth through constant training and development programs for every level and skill
group. Employees can develop careers in our Business Information Unit, Financial Institution Ratings, /
Non Financial Institution Ratings, Fund Ratings, Corporate Ratings, IT department, Marketing Unit,
Accounts & Finance, and Administration & Human Resources.

What you must have to join our core team

  • A very good first degree from a reputable university
  • Second degree in a relevant field or a public accounting qualification
  • Must be top 15% in school
  • Demonstrate an intelligent and methodical approach to problem solving
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Versatile use of the computer
  • Must be quick and open to learning
  • Must have good initiative
  • Ability to “think”outside the box
  • Membership of relevant associations is an advantage

Our Recruitment Process

• Intelligence Tests

Entry level applicants and NYSC candidates must take the SAT and writing skills tests, only those who meet our cut off mark will proceed to the next stage for technical interviews.

• Technical Interviews

Mid level and Senior applicants are required to have certain years of experience based on the level of job opening. Applicants at this level undergo various stages of interviews. These interviews are structured for a particular job vacancy. The first interview is with the HR Manager to ascertain suitability of the candidate. Tests will be carried out and if successful, candidates will attend technical interviews.

To join us, please click the “vacancies” link below.

Finance & Leasing

C&I Leasing Plc ₦10 billion 7-year Series II Bond Bbb+ Jun 03 , 2022 Stable Nigeria
C&I Leasing Plc ₦7 billion 5-year Series I Bond A- Jun 11 , 2022 Stable Nigeria
C&I Leasing Plc Bbb- Jun 30 , 2022 Stable Nigeria
Credit Direct Limited Bbb Jun 30 , 2022 Stable Nigeria
Citihomes Finance Company Limited SR3 Jul 05 , 2022 N/A Nigeria


Axxela Limited A- Jun 30 , 2022 Stable Nigeria
Kawai Technologies Limited Bb Jun 30 , 2022 Neutral Nigeria

Corporate Bonds

Axxela Funding 1 Plc’s Series 1 Bond A- May 31 , 2022 Stable Nigeria
Viathan Funding Plc.’s ₦10 billion 10-year Series 1 Senior Guaranteed Fixed Rate Bond Due 2027 Aaa Dec 31 , 2027 Stable Nigeria
NSP-SPV PowerCorp Plc’s ₦10 Billion 15-year Series 1 Aaa Dec 31 , 2033 Stable Nigeria